Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What's in Bloom

Tete a tete daff, which I like for the less obtrusive fading foliage, and my Wegman's hellebore which seems very happy there.

I did plant some Angelique, yay me!  Rhodie still teasing me.

Birkwood Viburnum = bliss.

Kerria looks nicer since I pruned, I think.

Brunnera from a neighbor.

Bleeding heart starting to think about it.
Divisions seem to be thriving.  The Heritage rose I moved may not be dead, but it looks God-awful.  Still no damned mulch.

1. Why are the new leaves on my Walking on Sunshine rose so pale? to wit:

2. Do I want to find another home for the groundcover butterfly bush I bought last summer and put drift roses there instead?  Will this draw unwanted attention to the trellis around the airconditioner?
3. WHAT GROUNDCOVER for the South foundation bed??? Geranium Rozanne? Bunches of catmint?

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