Design Plans

Zelkova Green Vase for specified spot-- tis 'done
Franklin's Gem boxwood to replace the one Karl romped through-- replaced all 7, rotten dog
Geranium Rozanne for interplanting among plumbago in Hemlock Hillock, edging Kit Island
Valentine rose from my sweetie-- either DA Boscobel, Queen of Sweden, Munstead Wood-- Bought Rosarium Uetersen, Golden Celebration, and Mayflower-- showing few signs of life (late April)

Something magnificent for that spot where I need to screen the window with some lacy, at times blooming or fragrant foliage, but with a West exposure and five or six feet from the house so it has to stay narrow-- latest contenders:

Amanchelier laevis Cumulus
Sweetbay Magnolia-- the winner, Ned's Blushing something or another.  Looking ratty but fingers are crossed.
Ann or Betty Magnolia
Stewartia Skyrocket (supposedly only 10 ft wide)

Front Bed-- NE exposure
Ruby Spice Clethra-- got one in there
Dogwood currently underplanted with lady's mantle and hosta but I want to switch to well behaved, low evergreens-- Cherry laurel Mt Vernon?
Add another pink PJM rhodie?
could underplant with rhodie ken janek

Right of driveway
Want something evergreen, about 10-12 feet wide and not more than 20-30 feet tall for the fence corner-- windbreak and screening. Probably not Green Giant-- have lots already. Too windy and maybe dry for hemlock.

Abies koreana?
Ilex Nellie Stevens?
Juniperus virginia?
A shorter sort of cedar?

West Bed (hot, sunny, exposed)

Dragonlady Holly-- 5 feet wide by 12 high
Instead of more everygreens, maybe willows?
Roses to face hollies-- Mayflower, Alnwick, Quietness.  Should probably have the SAME rose.
Three tall pink spirea-- Neon Flash or Anthony Waterer
More Rose creek abelia
A peony or two
New Jersey Tea, probably Marie Simon
Liatris bulbs, the bluer the better
Bearded iris to flank path
Well behaved climbing rose such as Climbing Pinkie for along the fence-- put in Rosarium Uetersen
Wall germander for foliage
Another lowish good foliage plant-- Juniper Sea Green? Stachys Helen Von Stein?

Notwoodthree Blue Chiffon hibiscus

Steps/patio area:

Self watering planter thingie from Gardener's Supply for my tomatoes and basil
Irregular flagstone-- need to measure and order with sand
Dwarf deutzia to underplant new zelkova
Sweet Drift mixed with dwarf deutzia
Dwarf deutzia flanking the step
Spreading annuals
Geranium Rozanne on the north side of patio
Daphne by faucet
Clematis for fence?

North fenceline

Facing south (inside)
Have magnolia Edith Bogue, three or four struggling blueberries, Golden Celebration rose (tiny), some caryopteris and Greek Catmint I grew from seed, and the limber pines with clethra (Hummingbird mostly) behind them.
Ideas:  climbing rose and cutting flowers next to blueberries; need to underplant blueberries (partridgeberry? Lily of the valley?)

Other side of fence:

Nellie Stevens if they make it I have
Winterberry holly
Need a groundcover or I could just mow around those
Something that get big and spreading by outlet of disused pipes for screening if not too close to Nellies

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