Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring Plans

I was out exploring the garden yesterday, doing a little pruning and clean up.  Things seem to have come through reasonably well-- though the "Elle" I left out of the ground disgracefully long  before sticking it hastily into an empty spot has turned totally black. I planted hundreds of bulbs and am seeing a few early ones-- iris reticulata and crocus. My current focus is the 18x 50 foot stretch north of the fenceline, where I want to put a bird-and bee-friendly hedgerow. Current candidates:

Hawthorne or serviceberry
Nellie Stevens holly x 3
Face down with winterberry
Tuck in a pussywillow or two
Ditto an aronia

I have my Beauty of Moscow lilac there because there just wasn't anyplace else to put it.

Blooming now: iris reticulata, crocus, witchhazel.