Sunday, April 21, 2013


Ignore this post.  I have a 20' X 100' or so strip at the side of my property in full sun.  It is in a stormwater easement so I was cautioned not to put trees there.  Others have advised me I should only worry about putting expensive trees that might have to be cleared.  Anyway, large shrubs are not trees, technically, are they?  And think of all that beautiful space to put fabulous things in.  It is all that is left of what was once 8 acres of amazing meadow, now glazed earth and nursing home.  Some ideas:

sweet bay magnolia
bottlebrush buckeye
magnolia little gem
bayberry, either Northern or Southern
Knock-out roses
Limelight hedge
various butterfly friendly big perennials like Eupatorium and Agastache

Not all together, mind you.  An either/or sort of thing.  Think I will need to get some help with this from either one of my landscape folk.  Originally Erica of Highland Gardens planned for creature-friendly natives on the lower, wetter portion, and a more farmhousy/flowery look at the top-- a row of small crabapples and a bunch of Miss Kim lilac and peony, if I recall correctly.  Hmmm...

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  1. Every one of the plants on your list (except the roses or lilacs, just a personal preference) would be my number one choice!

    Can you post a picture of this strip? I vote for sweetbay magnolias (at least three) for open, airy height, then blueberries and bayberry (although the bayberry will get big) for mid height, and then flowery perennials weaving below. Add a clethra for scent (they can be weedy looking tho). Then anchor one end of the strip with the Little Gem magnolia (I would actually use Bracken's Brown Beauty for dense gorgeousness.) What a wonderful project to undertake!