Monday, April 15, 2013


and be conquered.  I know about division, having read about it often in the multiple thousands of pages of garden reading I've done.  I've done little, if any, in practice.  My plantings are six years old.  I tackled a hosta.  Oof!  That's a lot of work!  The poor butchered hosta.  We'll see what it does.  Only 20 or 30 hosta, daylilies, daisies, and catmint to go.

Butchered hosta and my awesome flowered boots

We did oodles of work this week, including planting 100 Vinca Miss Jekyll starts (did I say that already?), some edging, which I find very slow work though reasonably gratifying, staining both sets of steps in time for it to rain today, and dismantling and giving away the massive cedar playset to a family with a small child.  The space is almost ready for Brian to work his magic in May.  I potted up the rest of my vinca (the rest is Bowles) to use as groundcover when he's done.  Brian's providing some plumbago and I'm eyeing perennial geraniums and possibly kinnickinnick.  We also helped weed, plant potatoes, and mulch at the community garden.  It was a glorious day yesterday, a lovely weekend really.

A day for leaping like a gazelle.  At least for those of us who can.

I have much indoor work today, it's raining a bit.  But all I want to do is garden, think about gardens, stare at my garden, stare at other people's gardens, and perhaps look at garden blogs.  Is there a problem with that?

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