Wednesday, April 24, 2013

BBC Talks Cottage Gardens

This guy is adorable (not forgetting part 2).

Further garden developments (can you tell I'm off work this week?)

1. I cruise the nurseries on a near daily basis.  This has its dangers.  I decided not to buy the sixpacks of angelonia, even though they are a Good Deal, because of course it is absurdly early and I will have to hover and they won't take off anyway until it gets warmer.  But-- what if other people buy them out from under me?
     1a. My husband who likes to do nice things me kind of twisted my arm.  So I brought them home.  I did resist the Drift roses for the South bed until I make up my mind.  Also they are expensive-- $22 each, ouch.

2. Impatiens sales are much reduced and all blanketed with Downy Mildew warnings.  A shame.  I haven't planted impatiens in years though I used to love them-- do we get too grand as gardeners for that sort of thing?  Is there a scale, perhaps, like a thermometer-- impatiens and meatball yews on the bottom, with epimedium and species peonies in the middle, and something so esoteric and fabulous at the top I don't know what it is? Maybe we circle back to impatiens and meatball yews.

3. My Jupiter's Beard seedlings are probably defunct for a reason too icky to mention. (Cats peed on them. They are sitting outside till I see if they recover.)

4. Walmart doesn't have anything interesting.  Not that I was looking.

5. Still no mulch.  I don't think there is any mulch.  I think the township is going to have to give me back my 50 bucks.  Perhaps the mulch men have been recalled home to clean their rooms.

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