Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring To-Do List

Much more fun than some of my other to-dos.

After a really bizarre unnervingly hot day-- 87 degrees, I'm told-- we had some thunderstorms and are back to more normal 60ish weather.  I watered most things yesterday since I worried about them leafing out in the heat and some of them are meant to be transplanted.  I am worried of course also that early May transplant will decimate my big witch hazels and lovely serviceberry... oi.  There's supposed to be more rain coming.

On to the to-dos:


  • edge beds
  • cut grass front
  • more weeding (have been virtuous so far)
  • transplant Heritage rose to S bed
  • get spade sharpened
  • divide some stuff-- daisies, hosta, catmint
  • take Appalachian Trail walk and try to catch some bluebells
  • rejoice at the decent smattering of little daffs in the front beds
  • be annoyed I didn't seem to plant more Angelique tulips
  • take pictures so I can fill in early blooming bits for next year
  • take up rocks and stack them out of the way
  • stain stairs 
  • rent a brush cutter for N of fence


  • plant catmint seeds-- think I will raise them on the porch, it's warm enough
  • ditto jupiter's beard
  • Call Oregon Trail groundcovers-- I went through the online order process Sunday but I have a sinking feeling it never went through :(-- Update-- I called and it did go through.  Next couple days, yay!
  • Call township and ask where the hell is my mulch.  More pleasantly than that, of course. Not till next week, grrrr.
  • email community garden friend and talk about ornamental border
  • email landscape arch and advise him of gate size and also slip in my worries about planting early May
  • plan new plantings carefully so that I don't fall victim to buying "trial plants" impulsively-- make a list and check it twice!
That should do it.

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