Thursday, April 11, 2013

Snapshot: Early April

These are boring pictures designed to help me plan for this year and next.  Sorry!

One of the virtuous and beautiful PJM rhodies flanking the walk.  Growing slowly, but growing.

Where I moved the rose to.  My idea is possible to get some more dwarf butterfly bush Petite Bleu as a groundcover.

Where I moved the rose from.  Too much shade?  Note how we hacked the New Dawn back.  Not sure if I will get flowers this year, but it was trying to eat people on the path.  Question:  should I mass some hydrangeas here?  Wedding Gown, maybe? No-- I think I want to keep it for foxglove and delphinium which I will probably have to treat as (expensive) annuals.

The New Dawn last year.  Some foxglove which do not want to naturalize.  The Knock Out before I cut it waaaay back.  We'll see what happens.  Say, that's pretty, isn't it?

Another shot of the highly chastened rose.  Fingers crossed.

This is the not so happy Rhodie that never seems to grow.  Move, when I have the prospect of other shade?  Shovel prune?

Little daffs-- yay me

This picture which I can't turn right way round is a crude representation of what will happen when Brian & Co. get here.  Left to right, there will be a Cayuga viburnum (not scribbled), Hoopsi Blue Spruce, three hemlocks.  In front of those there will be Twist and Shout Hydrangea and Encore Azalea.  Skirting those will be Franklin's Gem boxwood.  The idea is to make "spaces" and to draw the eye forward and not to the nursing home in the background.

Pleased with my front containers

Doesn't look like much, but this is Geranium Karmina.  The idea is to get a pool of them in this corner.  

The gravely off-balance Heritage that I moved to the South bed.  Also pruned out the dead wood.  We'll see.

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