Thursday, April 5, 2012

Urgent Note to Self

* I need more Angelique tulips for cutting next year.
* Birkwood Viburnum five years later finally paying for its keep.  Gorgeous, airy, sweetsmelling blooms.  Could use two more.
* I missed mulch delivery from the township.  Again.  So this is something that has to be set up in March.  Breast beating and tearing of garments.  I plan to marshal every laundry basket and every child I have and bring  some back the hard way.

After a weird warm winter and hot early spring, things have cooled off to "normal", or more specifically the 50s and 60s.  So all these things forced into bloom are holding their blooms, knock wood.  So, so, so beautiful.

Spent the morning tentatively pruning (even after listening to the wonderful A Way to Garden podcasts, still don't know what I'm doing).  I am finding that I talk to the shrub when I'm pruning.  Mostly apologizing.  "I'm not sure this is right, but..."  I have learned not to do this in my other life as a nurse.  Also cleanup, and the entertaining game, "What happened to my---?" I really don't mind this game, so long as I have some stuff reappear that I remember-- in the back bed with the sideways apple tree, there's Siberian iris, chives (lots of chives), mint (don't ask), peonies (yay!), echinacea, a rose (Abraham Darby I think) and a mock orange.  No lavender though.  I planted three different kinds of lavender, they were all happy for the summer, now poof, gone.  That's where I put lots of zinnia anyway, so the butterflies can amuse themselves all day between that and the massive buddelia with which, I am happy to report, my husband gloved up and did battle.

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