Monday, April 23, 2012

Pixelated Gardening

I bought my shrubs and compost last weekend... was pondering mulch when the canopy at Walmart became ominously dark (feel the need to point out that the shrubs and compost were bought from my Local Independent Nursery, though I admit to looking for scrumptious bargains at Walmart which I did not find any of).  Pouring down rain.  Good practice for my 16 year old learning to drive, but not so good for digging my new bed.  I'm probably off the hook for a while... hope my Limelights and my hollies will be okay till then.

Meanwhile, I was listening to garden podcasts and got lured into trying computer gardening, so much less work than the real kind.  I checked out the Better Homes and Gardens free garden planner and it is quite fun.  Very easy to use, has sort of a sketchy, shaped quality that lets you sorta kinda visualize what you have in mind.  It has specific plant materials but not the ones I'm using... no problem; the shapes and sizes are roughly similar.

So to the right you see my idea of a row of Limelights, a narrow tree, boxwoods, cedar trellis for the AC unit, and some sort of white blooming tall thing on the left side of the bed to pick up the Limelight theme.  Some underplanting with perennials or little shrubs.

Here's the link.  You have to sign in but it's free.  Have fun!

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