Saturday, April 28, 2012


Ha-- I think I finally figured out how to get Picasa to rotate properly.  I exported this one after making changes, let's see if it holds or if I am giving up for now.

This is my conception for the back fence.  More or less.  Based on what's out there already .  The crab (tiny), Green Giant arborvitae (thriving), witch hazels (steady growers), Limelight hydrangea and serviceberry Autumn Brilliance are all out there now.  I need to level the ground by the fence if possible, expand the beds, and underplant with some lovely  easy shrubs.  I want a birdy, leafy, twiggy place of shelter back there.  Someday perhaps we can do the retaining wall.

Today I am girding my loins to go out there, cold as it is, and dig that bed on the side.  Gonna do it.  That's me.  Right now.

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