Saturday, April 21, 2012


So this is the bed I'm working on.  I made a plan-- for some reason it takes me ages to get to the process of measuring and drawing and making the little movable circles.  I keep airily thinking I can wing it.  Then I tried Photoshopping it, or a like attempt in Powerpoint, and the result looked silly.  Which may be the actual final result.  But it looked extra silly Photoshopped.

Against all wisdom and previous firm intentions, I decided that I am willing to risk holly (Ilex crenata Hoogendorne, actually) despite the Southern exposure.  I like it, the nursery lady assured me it would be okay, I have a year's guarantee, and some landscapes around here seem to pull it off.  So I will arm myself with Wiltpruf and hope.

I researched Limelights further and decided I can keep them from spreading beyond six foot bounds with bold pruning.  I researched small trees intensively, bit my nails, fretted, and called the nursery about amenchelier laveis, which supposedly has a 10 foot spread.  They don't have it, but are going to look for it for me.  I bought many bags of compost and planned to buy mulch until I realized I was looking at like, 30 bags.  So I think the nice man with a truck is going to be coming by.

So here's my little plan-- 11 feet deep, 40 feet long.  Hollies kinda clustering around the AC unit.  I am going to ask DH to make me a lattice to shield it better.  Above that perhaps a small flowering tree-- I like the serviceberry because they're native, pretty, and have a kind of lacy light-filtering canopy.  I think.  Three Limelight hydrangea as you come forward towards the front of the house.  Perhaps some sort of tuck in small shrubs or big perennials.  I am flirting with the idea of a tree-form hydrangea on the fence side of the AC unit as found here.  I looked at knockout roses but I'm still looking.  Too big for the leftover space, maybe.  And there are other luscious things-- caryopteris, catmint.

As a plan I'm pretty sure it's flawed, but I'm eager to try it.  Apart from the tree, everything else can be moved.  And it looks like I'll have time to think about it, because our solid month of sunshine has developed into what looks like a solid week of rain.  I'll be gardening on paper for now.
My Plan, which I can't seem to get right way up.  Bummer.


  1. Thanks for the link.

    11 feet deep gives you a lot of room. I only have three to five feet deep for my foundation plantings. You can do a lot with layering with that space!

    I like the limbed up tree-form hydrangea with a shrub below it (I used fothergilla below Tardiva hydrangea). Yes, yes, yes to the caryopteris! No, no to the knockout rose unless you really do like it. I just didn't and ended up removing my knockouts. sigh.

    Any small shrub below your Limelight will work if you limb up the hydrangea.

  2. I SO LOVE your tree tardiva. I can't find one around here. Maybe I could mailorder? I will look at fothergilla.