Monday, May 13, 2013


Several things.  I will employ a bullet list, to wit:

  • DH came with me on a brief, clandestine nursery visit, on a very busy Mother's Day when we were supposed to be doing other things.  It was so romantic.  Nothing nicer than talking shrubs hand in hand with the loveliest man you know. 
  • I had some money given to me and I bought two Neon Flash Spirea for only $8 each (very important to note this) and then blew the rest of it on a $25 double pink knockout rose, spending more for the larger plant which is really dumb, but I wanted to, so there you have it.  I moved the Anthony Waterer spirea in with the other two, and shifted the poor miserable Heritage rose to a hidden corner where it might get sun, who can say?  Put the Knock Out in front of the air conditioner trellis.  Pictures to follow, when the sun comes out again.
  • The flowering shrubs look very nice instead of more Hoogendorn Holly which would have been tasteful but bo-wing in the South bed.  Of course, they are too closely planted and will have to be moved some day.  Naturally.  This always happens unless I employ graph paper and discipline.
  • BIG, BIG NEWS.  There is a guy with a bobcat making beeping noises in MY yard.  I am finally getting grading done, woot!  And tearing up all the grass, which is weird, but I don't care.  So excited!  Grading today, tree-spading and moving Wednesday.  Praying the cool weather holds for the new trees and the transplants.  Been so lucky so far.
  • I have many gorgeous shrubs with no home for the present.  Very painful to dig up my enormous, flourishing peony about to burst into more blooms than it's ever had.  Here's hoping I find a great spot to land everything.
Exhibit A, spirea and roses 
Pretty funny that this is beautiful to me.  The possibilities!

Can't tell here, but there is a very cool terraced effect

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