Friday, May 10, 2013

Garden Complacency

Gardening is one area where you get to feel just a little bit smug, at least at this time of year.  There is a certain amount of fond blinking at the perennial garden, kind of like what you do with your kids.  It also makes it very hard to stay indoors and do useful indoor things.  The weather's been stunning and I could pretty much weed and putter all day-- not doing anything strenuous like edging, of course.

Reasons to be very slightly smug--

1. My divisions are thriving.  So I can take heart for next time.
2. Catmint
3. Kerria much nicer after I pruned it, as I believe I have commented 16 times already.
4. Bleeding heart is huge and wow.
5. I remembered to put in most of the allium I bought.
6. The Knock Out and New Dawn seemed to have survived their ruthless whacking to admiration.

Questions to be answered:

1. Will I find cheap, big, gorgeous delphinium and foxglove this year?
2. Where o where am I going to put all those peony roots I planted last year?
3. Ditto the roses, Anthony Waterer spirea, Little Limes planted out back?

Monday is the Big Day, when they come and regrade my backyard.  I am all excited and of course now that I think of it, that's odd, because it's going to look like hell for quite some time-- all the "grass" (whatever you choose to call that green stuff back there) will be gone, I guess.  They'll be regrading, planting a dozen or so 8-10 trees and some largeish shrubs and a few large rocks, and then I have whatever's left of the 60x100 space to be dealt with.  Only a small part is to be grass which they are seeding (I know, I know-- in May).  We'll have about ten yard of mulch which is a start, anyway.  Rather daunting, isn't it?  But I think it's going to be really nice when it's done, and the plan is for this grading and siting of trees to "create space" that I can use for additional shrubs and other goodies.

Catmint and recovered Knock Out
Hole==>foxglove and delph if I can get a deal

Very smug about my sidebed.  Leaf mulch from township seems to be a good thing, and you can't beat $50 for  8 yards, delivered.

Lovely composition from Hershey Gardens-- they are very into white Bleeding Heart, and well they should be.

Another pretty view on a gorgeous day in early May.

In other garden news, for annuals I have put in three kinds of annual blue Salvia (Victoria, Evolution, and Blue & Something I Can't Remember), lots of angelonia, a bit of Profusion Cherry zinnias around the edges, which I have found to be very reliable and bloom-y, and some rocket snaps.  We'll see how it comes together.

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  1. I am pretty excited about your Big Day and the Big Trees that are coming! The Edith Bogue magnolia will be a beauty, I hope it gets pride of place in your plantings. The limber pines will be a great screen. I have only one, but it does a nice job hiding the roadway behind us, and it truly is "limber" looking --- that is, soft and flexible. I will come back to see your posts on the regrading and the whole planting adventure. It is going to transform your space and view.