Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bad News First

Our hemlock came with two baby robins in their nest.  I was going to bow to the inevitable but they were chirping when I went by.  So my daughter and I decided we would try.  It was going pretty well for about 24 hours but not looking so good today.  I hate to have to tell her, even though we knew our odds were not good.

Baby robin care

Franklin's Gem boxwood, Twist and Shout hydrangea, Encore azalea Autumn Twist, Plumbago, large Cayuga viburnum and of course the monster Butterfly Bush

Four out of five Vanderwolf's Pyramid Limber Pine

The good news is, my pines, Hoopsi Blue Spruce, Edith Bogue Magnolia, and Canadian Hemlock are all planted.  There are a couple of things to transplant, which is of course an alarming prospect this time of year, but we'll just have to hope the forecast holds true.  Some big rocks still to come.  Shrubs will get placed next week.  Brian, the LA, changed the location of the spruce once everything was here-- thought it would be too pointy and Christmas Tree Foresty massing them together.  He was going to put the Magnolia in its place but I had a sudden attack of the willies as they were digging the hole.  Everyone was very gracious about placing it near the fence instead.  Next week once everything's in I will conduct a better tour.

So much "created space"

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  1. This is all very exciting (I even loved the pictures of big bare graded dirt in your last post!). The possibilities are so open -- and the transformation is so dramatic with the size and choices of trees.

    Can't wait to see the final effect!