Sunday, April 27, 2014

Working Hard Here

So. Much. To. Do.  Not just in the garden but in life.  In no particular order:

Pulled out the dead Japanese Maple.  DH planning to turn something out of it on his lathe :)

Marked out beds with landscape paint and leveled the path part (what a relief-- DH did it in about 15 minutes.)

Enlisted the daughters to lay cardboard and mulch for extending the putative West Bed.  They do not enjoy this, but we got a lot done in an hour.  DH was a Trojan.  I hope this works as well it has in the past, and that I didn't forget some crucial step resulting in disaster.

Planted my tiny vulnerable seedlings, namely Rose Campion, Verbena boniarensis, penstemon, foxglove.  Have a fussy tent of evergreens over the wilty looking penstemon.  Here's hoping.

Mulched Kit Isle and part of Hemlock Hillock.

Pulled some small dead shrubs, replaced the destroyed boxwoods and moved the few viable ones, moved a baby peony, planted some veronica something or other from Walmart... lots really.

But So Much Left to do and it still doesn't look great out there.  But it will.  Right? Right.

Latest thought on West Bed... crape myrtle, manhattan euonymous or maybe fothergilla, dragonlady holly, face down with amsonia, liatris, catmint?, caryopteris, spirea Neon Flash-- whatever will fit.  At some point I will have to stop the iterations and put in actual plants.

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