Monday, April 21, 2014

April Q&A

1. Why do I feel so old and lazy?  Also fat?

A: See "also fat."

2. How do you keep a dog from ruining a boxwood?

A: Pepper spray (the plant, not the dog), and a fence.  Possibly Wilt-Pruf.

3. When should I transplant my Siberian Iris?

A: Spring is best, evidently.

4. How many calories in a Peep?

A: About 30.

5. Is it worth it?

A:  Eh.

6. Is there any better or more useful tool than a Japanese weeding knife, and do you feel cool and a little bad-ass when you casually replace it in its sheath?

A: No. Yes.

7. What groundcover will I not regret planting?

A: Veronica Georgia or Waterperry Blue perhaps too invasive.  Perennial geranium, though it's $$.

8. Are those plumbago dead or just slow to wake up?

A: Per High Country gardens, "slow to leaf out in spring."  Here's hoping.

9. Is it too late to overseed lawn?

A: You let them put crabgrass control on for the first time EVER so probably not a wise plan.

10. Are those summersweet dead or late risers?

A:  Pretty sure they're dead.

11. That's upsetting.

A:  Yes, it is.

12: What handsome low blobby mound should I put near the rock garden after moving the iris that the dog like to lie on?

A: Something prickly.

13.  Why is blogger randomly underline words in blue?  It's like the Bible where random words are italicized.  I never got that.

A: No clue.

14. Does garden blogging time count as gardening time?

A: Absolutely.

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  1. Q. Why am I giggling so much?
    A. See post above.