Monday, January 27, 2014

What about

Viburnum "Dawn," which is apparently tall, narrow, arching, with fragrant pink in spring and good foliage thereafter?

With:  tall conical holly, mounding camellia, some Helleri Holly or small boxwoods for the front, and New Jersey Tea, baptisia, peony, and iris, and possibly caryopteris if there appears to be room in the middle. With some Rozanne geranium or ajuga to fill in.  And dwarf deutzia.  And it is not all going to fit.


  1. Dawn viburnum looks weird, at least my young one does. Here are some shots of it:

    The pinterest picture I found and that you re-posted may actually be a flowering almond instead. That might work for you in the west bed if it really is upright and vase shaped like the picture shows.

  2. I googled some images of the Dawn Viburnum and it did look like the one you posted on Pinterest, though not so much like the one you have in your garden :) A mystery!