Sunday, January 26, 2014

West Facing Bed

Jotting notes--

I think I want a tallish narrowish evergreen in the first third (Dragonlady Holly probably-- won't eat up too much of the bed. Wish I could try a Red Oak Holly but we don't seem to get them around here, maybe not hardy enough?  I am not neglecting that feature in this very cold winter.)

A narrow, vase shaped thing for just behind and to the right of it-- Aronia?  Blackhaw viburnum much pruned?  Ninebark Summerwine?  I gather Cotinus gets too big, even pruned to within an inch of its life.

A flowering shrub in front and rightish of the vase-shaped thing-- thinking New Jersey Tea for this, as I want to try it and it's bee/insect friendly.

Tuck in baptisia and/or caryopteris.  Peony and iris would also do well in this hot sunny spot.

There's a teeny April Blush camellia to the far left... hoping it prospers, but time will prove.

I want something lower and green for visual relief-- I have some little boxwoods I can plant and move I suppose if they get too big.  My favorite look is tall green thing/medium flowery thing/evergreen skirt-- just a touch formal, perhaps because I live in town.  If I lived in the country, which I hope to some day, I would want something less buttoned up.  Comme ca:

I know it looks silly to put up these rather grand images, but they have common elements I love.  This further illustrates:

Noting in all of these gardens there is lots of green, which frames the flowers.

Not that I'm setting the bar high or anything.

*Noting these images come by way of Pinterest.  Pretty sure the first is by Jan Johnsen of Connecticut, a fabulous landscape designer whose work I have come to admire by way of the web.  The second is I think Sir Roy Strong's British garden.  The last is a lovely space I believe by Tara Dillard of Georgia.

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