Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Garden Problems

Too many thoughts streaking through my 45 year old brain like falling stars, leaving no trace.  When I'm gardening I'm thinking about children and to do lists and relationships and did I call so and so?  So let's see if I can recap for future information what I noticed in the garden this morning:

  • It looks prettier this year than usual-- :)
  • Some yellow leaves-- new Limelights, Monarda.  Carefree Wonder is a bit pallid.  Do I need fertilizer?  Iron?  Does rain (we've had lots) wash iron out of the soil?
  • Noticing many more slugs since I started using cardboard to prevent weeds.  I don't mind a few holey leaves, just noticing.  Will I have to d/c the cardboard at some point?
  • Need a good sunny space to put the tiny seedling peonies I have hopefully tucked everywhere and anywhere.
  • Wonder if I should move the Heritage rose, which has never accomplished much, to a sunnier location.  I read that it can act as a climber-- on the fence maybe?
  • I so want a berry garden.  Should this be done with raised beds?
  • A raised bed full of peonies for cutting would be gratifying.
  • Still not heard back from landscaper guy about new beds.
  • Which new beds should be shrub intensive, so as to diminish work.  Much weeding today.
  • Toyed around with planting Drift roses or spirea or perennials around the new planted area with the holly and Limelights.  Worried this would distract from the effect of the Limelights-- I want to see them bloom before deciding.  Plus, they'll get big and the other stuff will get crowded out.
  • My Walking on Sunshine rose which I transplanted looks peaky.  Does it need fertilizer?  Not enough sun?  
  • I need some kind of hoop or twine and stake arrangement for the mock orange and peonies in back.
  • Lots of things need dividing.  Hosta, daylilies, daisies, Siberian iris.
  • Need to take note of new perennial plantings so I can track them at least to the point of noticing when they disappear.  Didn't I have a--?  New today:  a pinkish-violet salvia between the two roses in the walkway garden.
  • OMG, need an arbor or a stone wall with battlements to keep back the New Dawn.  It is a pity to cut off flourishing disease free canes, but it is a positive hazard.  If we put an arch there that might provide something resembling safe passage on the walkway.

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  1. how do we manage all these thoughts - PLUS the rest of the Mommy thoughts too?!! :)