Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Best Way to Buy Delphinium

Note to self:  not the $4 short version available.  Wait and buy the $8 kind.  The short ones are getting et by slugs and they are not really doing anything.  The tall ones are dreamy, to wit:

Doesn't that Otto Luykens cherry laurel look nice in the background?  I'm attempting to grow some delph from seed in my boxed bed... will let you know what success I have.  They're not really perennial for me here, something gets 'em.  Maybe the heat, maybe not enough sun where I have them.

I am plotting about my back yard.  So many wonderful spaces in my neighborhood, so many great shrubs, trees, and plants.  My current plot involves taking about 2/3 of my back yard to make a garden room with curved borders, and then beyond that the "hidden" more functional space, potager-style, with narrow raised beds bordered by a fence with raspberries, blueberries, asparagus, cutting flowers, etc.  The slope of the yard has been confounding me but I think I need to just find a way!

Wandered the nursery this morning-- I needed it.  It's a gorgeous, present-from-God kind of day, after some painful events, and it was healing to look at Hypericum Hidcote and the tempting new hydrangeas.

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  1. Hope you're having a better week!

    Good to know about the tall delphs. I'd think the shorter ones would be more sturdy and the taller more floppy, but if the shorter won't even grow...