Thursday, March 5, 2015

Garden planning day

Is really cool, and I'm dictating with my husband's headset and dictation program. This could get to be quite a lengthy post.  So we will dedicate today to identifying problem areas in  the garden.

Number one: the West bed. This is not big enough, I need to take out the dying hollies and move the catmint. I have visions of an evergreen backdrop fronted by flowering plants with some low evergreen and simple flowering things in front. There would be a stone pathway leading through this garden to this swath of lawn.  I would like to replace the red Drift roses next to the stone wall, and plant some more wonderful things on and around the wall.  I have to decide how I'm going to manage the color peach in the garden :-)

Number two: flanking the patio. I need to install the edging we bought on the north side, because dirt is leaching onto the patio on that side.  I also need to install some groundcovers there. I bought five geranium Rosanne, those could go there. I could buy some thyme, or consider some other groundcovers. On the south side of the patio, I ordered some sweet drift roses, which I think will be quite nice. I have some deutzia in there. I could try enriching the soil and replanting. I may be replacing them. They didn't do well last year.

Number three: I have to either move or really keep after those giant catmint, the Souvenir d'Andre Chaudron.  They are just too dang big for the space.  Pretty though.

Number four: I am about done with those kerria by the corner of the porch.  They look ratty and get loaded with bindweed every summer. The hosta desperately need dividing and they tend to burn in that spot.