Saturday, June 1, 2013

Perennial Geranium, What's Cheap at Walmart, and Too Many Notes

Click to admire them bigger.

Striatum, I think?

OK, not Karmina, don't know where that picture went.  This is my Carefree Beauty which is beserker this year.

Scene of way too damn much to do

What's cheap at Walmart right now (NB:  I spend a lot of money at independent nurseries.  Swear.)  Tub o' foxglove for $10, ditto delphinium $12.  Peach Drift Rose for $10.  Iris Caesar's Brother (ok it's small) for $7.  Small Twist N Shout or Endless Summer Hydrangea for $15.  The foxglove, delphinium, and Peach Drift came home with me.  I was planning the peach drift for the Special Spot by the Putative Rock Wall, but the color appears to be a no-go for the violent pinks I have going so far back there.  So I am in the usual gardener's dilemma of trying to find a suitable spot for my irresistible bargain goody.  No room in the south bed At All-- I am so proud of that bed, everything is thriving (thus far).  The Walking on Sunshine rose my dad bought me at Hershey Gardens is splendid===>

Plan of attack for the mountain of work, er, happiness in the backyard: continue laying paper, topsoil, and mulch, starting with the west side of the house, and then if any's left over moving across the back fence line.  Keep building the wall with those cream puff, light as a feather rocks.

Spent two hours working in the church garden this morning.  It is brutal crazy hot suddenly, in the 90s.  I am pretty much indentured to my new trees and sprouting grass, not to mention a family of five requiring laundry, shopping, cooking, and errand running services. Today, for example, included:  SAT run for elder daughter, Walmart, church garden, home, SATs again, Panera, Home Depot, Autozone, home again. Giant grocery, home again.  Throw in mowing the lawn, watering, making dinner.  Macy's, JC Penny, Gap, Children's Place, Sears to find fifth grade promotion dress for younger daughter (OK, they're all in the same mall.)  Home again, jigitty jig.   No one is twisting my arm to buy and care for ALL THESE PLANTS-- inside AND out.  MORE COMING IN THE MAIL. MUST STOP.  NEED TWELVE STEP PROGRAM.  STAGE INTERVENTION, PLEASE.

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